We will upload some videos that Fergie took part in. Some of them needs to be opened up in Youtube, just click the video to open it in Youtube.

Fergie Frederiksen – Follow your heart:


LeRoux video – Lifeline. One made for the early days of MTV. Enjoy it!

LeRoux video – Carrie’s Gone, from “So fired up”:

Toto – Angel don’t cry:

World Classic Rockers – Press conference in Peru 2001:

Toto – How does it feel (main vocals Steve Lukather):

Toto – Holyanna (Main vocals David Paich):

Toto – Angel don’t cry (2007 rehearsal before gig in the US):

Toto – Africa (2007 show in the US, very short clip):

World Classic Rockers – Rosanna (Live in Canada 2008):

World Classic Rockers – Hold the line (Live in Canada 2008):

Toto – Carmen (Live in Japan 1985, only sound):

MSFunk – Velocitized (Live in 2004 with Jim Peterik and Fergie):

Frederiksen/Phillips – Oh Diane (Sound and some images):

Toto – Endless (Sound and lyrics):

Le Roux – Lifeline (Live, sound and images):

Fergie Frederiksen – Angel don’t cry (live in Stockholm 99, promo gig, only sound):

Toto – I won’t hold you back + Endless (live in Tokyo 1985):

Frederiksen/Phillips – Baby Blue:

Toto – English Eyes (live in Tokyo 1985):

Fergie – Hold The Line (Live at Scott LeDoux ALS benefit show April 2009):

David London – Idol Maker:

Toto – I’ll supply the love (Live at Budokan 1985):

Toto – Mama (Live at Castle Hall 1985):

Toto – Change of heart (Live 1985):

Toto – Runaway (Live in Budokan 1985):

Toto – Ange don’t cry (Live in Budokan 1985):

Toto – Soundcheck in Japan 1985:

Fergie Frederiksen – Hold The Line (Live with Jimi Jamison and Alex Ligertwood with others during Fergie’s Cancer Benefit show July 18 2010):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Oh Diane (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Carmen (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Isolation (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Angel don’t cry (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Rock and roll (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Shiftin’ gears (instrumental, live in 1995):


11 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Hello

    Fergie great singer
    very very good song is Goin’ home with bobby kimball and joseph Williams

    i’m from chile, fans of toto

    you are the best


  2. I got the toto albums and i always thought you were the greatest singer…Thanks for the new material…Cheers from Denmark!!

  3. I fell in love with you when I saw Toto DVD first time (Past to present -Angel don’t cry.) I’m looking for a DVD of you singing the whole time is there one out there?

  4. Hi Fergie!

    To see you together with the guys again on a 30th Anniversary Tour would be absolutely fantastic! Isolation is my favourite Toto-album of all time, if i have to pick just one. I mean songs like Endless, Carmen, Angel Don’t Cry, Isolation etc….wooow! I bought the Isolation album when i was 8 years old and i’ve been loving that album since. I saw the guys at the “SkyCom Arena” in Umea, Sweden tonight and my god, they were on fire!!

    After watching that rehearsal-clip of Angel Don’t Cry, i tell ya, you kick ass like always!

    Greetings from Sweden / Marcus

  5. Hi FERGIE !!!
    what pleasure to see this video with toto
    i’d like to say that i have a big part of your CD and we miss you in france !
    do you want to come in france for a live show ?
    at the end, i think “isolation” one of the best TOTO album with “kingdom of desire”… realy !
    i like all the toto singers but i always listen “isolation” in my car
    see you soon in france (???) why not

  6. Love all the bands you were in. I am looking for a video of Samantha, when you recorded under the name David London. Where can I find this???

  7. I like your sound Fergie and I love Angeld on’t cry and Isolation album and Lerouxand Equlibriem … I invite you to Poland .

  8. Hello Fergie you are the best singers thanks for your music and passion to interpret I’m from lima peru god bless you and your family thank you very much teacher

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