Happiness is the road

Fergie’s new album “Happiness is the road” is to be released by Frontiers Records in Europe October 14, and October 18 in the US.

This is a personal and special album for Fergie, considering his health issues over the last years. Read more about the album on Frontiers (where you also can order it) at http://frontiers.it/album/4937/
Once reviews comes in we will post links to them here. Here is a recent picture of Fergie on stage:
Here we will post links to reviews on Happiness is the road:
Rushonrock: http://rushonrock.com/2011/10/16/reviews-new-music-58/ (scroll to the right review…)

6 thoughts on “Happiness is the road

  1. Fergie,
    You are a very sweet guy, You stayed at the hotel that I work at In salt lake city Utah and It was very nice to talk with you and get to know you. Good Luck with Everything.

    From/ Christa

  2. hello Fergie, thank’s for “happiness is the road”, it’s always a pleasure to hear you voice, your are a great singer, “follow your heart” is a beautiful song, and “the one”, magical song ,
    if you come in france, please come to french riviera, it’s better in summer, Nice, Cannes or Valbonne,

    God bless you,


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