This website is The official Fergie Frederiksen Website.

Webmaster is Klaus Jakobsen, and many have contributed to it over the years. We went online in 1999, and are still rocking, thanx to Riemer Palstra, Vegard Nilsen and John Isvik. I would like to thank Fergie himself for being such a true friend and hero in so many ways.

If you would like to reach Fergie, send us a question, give some feedback or anything else, send us an e-mail  to post(at)fergiefrederiksen(dot)com.

Best Regards



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Fergie,
    it is fantastic to hear that you will appear again with toto in next year.
    We all (the Fans from german TOTO-Forum) pleased about it.

    By the way, I ‘ve there a request, a friend of mine looks for the lyrics from your songs: Close That Gap and Blinded By emotion from the album “Mecca” would it be possible, to get them from you?

    Many thanks and we see you in 2008 with several toto concerts


  2. I’m a 40-something new Fergie fan. Sure don’t know where I’ve been as I grew up in the 70s. Anyway, I’m not in the music business but I do have any appreciation for a gift/talent like Fergie’s. What an incredibly beautiful voice! Wow. Can’t get enough of it. Where can I buy Frederiksen/Phillips, Equilibrium and Baptism by Fire. Are the older CDs also available?

  3. Dear Fergie ………. Im another one of the 40+ who are so exited to hear that you are back again. As another TOTO fan, i was so pleased to hear that you are going on tour with them – You play a very big part of TOTO , no doubt about that. In allmost 25 years, the best song for me ever has allways been “endless” it is so beatyfull and intense. Well done A+
    Finally – Best Regards and a happy new year to you, and your family.

  4. hi everybody,

    what a pleasure to learn that you prepare a new album.

    Will come you in France for a live show ?

    i’m waiting for this new album, we love you !

    see you in france,
    i hope !


  5. Hey Fergie, I saw you in Casper Wyoming with TOTO Isolation Tour and actually met you in the elevator in the Hilton after the show. In 1988/89 I was living in Lincoln Ca, and met you again. This time you were driving limo for a company in Sacramento. You took us to see Cinderella but the show was cancelled. I got a pic with you that you autographed. Do you remember this? You are still one of my favorite singers and I wish you all the best man.


  6. Hi Fergie
    Thougt I’d drop you a note, I was the concert promoter when you performed in Dubai with WCR back in 2001 (I think). Great memories for me and all who met you. take care

  7. Hi Fergie,

    So, I’m hoping you remember me–Toto came to the Air Force Academy in the spring of 1985. I was one of the cadets helping back stage. We swapped shirts and you wore my USAFA T-shirt on the stage! What I DIDN’T know until today was that you wrote and sang one of my all-time favorites: Samantha (David London). I only wish I would’ve known that back then, and I wish even more I had followed your career since then. Shortly after the Toto show at the Academy, our band (called “Voices”) covered “Carmen” from the Isolation album. I played keyboards and sang lead–not an easy song to cover and still one of my all time favorites. I personally think Isolation was one of the best Toto albums ever–no coincidence that you were a huge part of it!

    Best wishes,


  8. Klaus is there anyway to get in touch with Fergie. It would be great to say hi and maybe talk about his days in grand rapids with flyin home and the common people.


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