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Fergie Frederiksen – Happiness Is The Road (Frontiers)

The story behind this powerful album’s painful completion could easily cloud the judgement of the most cynical reviewer: Happiness Is The Road was concluded while ex-Toto singer Frederiksen was undergoing treatment for liver cancer and facing the worst case scenario.

Thankfully the former Trillion/Le Roux frontman is beating the deadly disease and this sensational record requires no sympathy vote. The music speaks for itself and the trademark Dennis Ward production job, coupled with Jim Peterik’s songwriting craft, makes for the melodic rock release of the month.

Elaine has a classic Journey feel with Frederiksen hitting all of the high notes all of the time. But this is an accomplished album sprinkled with AOR stardust from start to finish. First To Cry would sit comfortably on either of Bad English’s classic albums while the piano intro to Follow Your Heart ushers in a heartfelt and emotive ballad.

Frederiksen is used to fighting serious health problems but in 2011 he faces his toughest battle yet. If Happiness Is The Road represents part of the healing process then victory must be in sight. SR

rushonrock rated: 9/10 AOR Road Trip

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