Norway attacks…

I (Klaus), the webmaster of Fergie Frederiksens official website, is a native Norwegian. After the horrible attacks in Norway, July 22, I just wanted to say a few words…

We as a country have been in shock, a sense of sadness have been felt all over the country since the attacks last friday. How such a cruelty can come from just one man, is hard to understand.

One of the survivors at the island of Utoya said it so well; “If one man can stand for so much hate, imagine how much love we can give together”. Beautiful words, and it also represents¬†the collective response we have seen in the Norwegian people since the attacks. There’s been flower parades all over the country, and the attacks have clearly changed the Norwegians into a even more caring people. I don’t hear much hate towards the killer, only love and caring thoughts for the victims.

Even if this man have showed such hate, and killed all these people, youngsters, and even kids, the solution ahead lies in love, not more hate and war. He as a killer should of course get his punishment, but it will not change anything in the society.

We, the people, need to change the society, care more for each others, and show more love.

You’ll never walk alone…


Klaus, Fergie’s Webmaster


1 thought on “Norway attacks…

  1. Cool comment. Nice, wise, and inspirational, words. While ‘people are people’ (individual from one to another), you have tonight re-inforced my ‘long standing’ suspicion that Norway might just be ‘especially’ full of big hearts ; ) (I love quite a bit of norwegian music so have a connection…even though i’ve never been YET). Thanks. Hugs back to you all in Norway (and of course to Mr.Frederiksen aswell). Thinking of you all. Love from Dave residing in Ireland

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