Happy birthday Fergie – 60 !!!

Today it is Fergie’s 60th birthday!

Who would have thought at the same time last year that he would get to celebrate this day at all?

The last few months have been a miracle for Fergie, rising up from the dead almost. Originally given only little time left, he is now waiting for more surgery and the future looks at least much brighter than what it did last year…

A new album is in the works, so there is no slowing down on this 60 year old rocker!

I wish for many more years to come for you my friend, and that we get to celebrate birthdays and even more albums to come!

Happy birthday bro, and all the best for the future!!!



Fergie’s friend and Webmaster


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Fergie – 60 !!!

  1. Have a great birthday, Fergie! I’m a new fan who is just discovering your wonderful talents, while learning to do a humble rendition of your songs. I wish you nothing but the best, and I’d love to hear your new tunes.
    Greetings from Argentina,

  2. A late Happy Birthday note from a former neighbor in Mound. Hope you have lots more of these birthdays to come! Keep on rock’n!

  3. Same from France here, listening to your shiny voice for years, crying with joy on your Toto tracks, without even knowing all the troubles you’be been through, glad to read all the story in one day, learning the bad news and the good news in a raw.
    Late happy birthday, but most of all, thank you for the pleasure, you’ve been the gift long years.

  4. Hello, from an old Danish fan, from Copenhagen.
    Keep on going Fergie. You´re a great singer, and you must be a hell of a nice human being, from what I´ve read on this site. I´ve been a fan of your singing since 1984 ,(Toto- “Isolation”), and since then, I´ve tried to get as many of your albums as possible. I wish you all the best. :o)

    Best wishes,
    Stanley Larsen.

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