More videos from 1995!

Hi folks!

Todd Silverstone, who were the drummer of The Fergie Frederiksen Group in the 90's 
have uploaded some more VHS tapes from 1995. 
Here are the"new"videos:


Long way around the world: 

Name of love: 


Enjoy, I am thrilled to see these old clips!

Fergie's Webmaster

Happy birthday Fergie – 60 !!!

Today it is Fergie’s 60th birthday!

Who would have thought at the same time last year that he would get to celebrate this day at all?

The last few months have been a miracle for Fergie, rising up from the dead almost. Originally given only little time left, he is now waiting for more surgery and the future looks at least much brighter than what it did last year…

A new album is in the works, so there is no slowing down on this 60 year old rocker!

I wish for many more years to come for you my friend, and that we get to celebrate birthdays and even more albums to come!

Happy birthday bro, and all the best for the future!!!



Fergie’s friend and Webmaster

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Live in 1995

Hi folks!

Todd Silverstone, the drummer of the Fergie Frederiksen Group from the 90’s, have uploaded severeal VHS tapes on Youtube. I will try to add them to the Video section on this site as well, but here are direct links to them as well (thanx Todd!!!):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Oh Diane (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Carmen (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Isolation (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Angel don’t cry (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Rock and roll (live in 1995):

Fergie Frederiksen Group – Shiftin’ gears (instrumental, live in 1995):