Words from Bobby Kimball to Fergie

To my friend, Fergie:

 Good day Fergie. First, let me tell you that I really admire the courage you’ve
shown during this “practically impossible” battle you’ve been dealing with over
the past several years. One moment, I hear that you’re not going to make it
through another week, …..then Klaus writes to me and tells me that you’ve gained
strength, and are getting ready to record a new CD. There are so few people on
this Earth who possess this kind of tenacity, and the “Strong Will” to keep up a
vigorous fight for their life. I’m very proud to know you, which makes me happy,
and I have a deep respect for your persistence, in keeping up your battle to stay
on this Earth with the people who love you, and appreciate your unrestrained

In 1974, I left a great band in Louisiana, and moved to LA to sing with 3 members
from the group, “Three Dog Night” (my favorite band at that time),  just after the
singers had left the band. I didn’t realize it at the time, but you took my place
in that “Louisiana band” when I left there, and I’m certain you really shook things
up for them with that voice of yours. When I went home to Louisiana to get inducted
into The Louisiana Musician’s Hall of Fame last year, our old band, “Louisiana’s
LeRoux”, was the group I sang with during the induction ceremony. They still sound
fantastic, and I’m certain you had just as hard a time leaving them as I did,
….so many years ago. However, when a great opportunity knocks, it’s best to
follow your heart, and move on up the ladder, even though you have to leave an
incredible band of friends. I was with that band, “S.S. Fools” (the “Three Dog
Night” guys), for about a year and a half, but we weren’t making enough money to
stay alive. I was so fortunate to have met Jeff and David at most of the “S.S.
Fools” rehearsals, because about 6 weeks after I left “S.S. Fools”, Jeff & David
mentioned that they would like for me sing with their new band. They were the two
guys who started the band,…not to mention the most talented players and writers.
After being out of “S.S. Fools” for about 6 weeks, they called me and asked if I
would be interested in singing with their new band, …Toto. There was no doubt in
my mind what my decision would be. It felt like I was being offered a free trip to
the Moon. Those first 4 albums we recorded were so much fun, and touched so many
people’s lives all over the world, it was like a “walk in the clouds” for all of
us. Unfortunately for me, I was asked to leave the band in the middle of the
“Isolation” album, and it was very fortunate for you to be asked to take my place.
I had already done some of the demo vocals & back-ground vocals (and I know you
heard them, because you sang the very same parts I did on songs like “Carmen”), but
you did it very well, I might add. It was time for me to leave the band, because I
was making some really bad decisions with my life, but so was everyone else in the
band, except David Hungate. I guess it was a sign of the times, because practically
everyone out there in the early 80’s, including most of Toto, were deeply
entrenched in the drug scene. I hated leaving the band, but it really wasn’t my
decision. I did my very best not to harbor any grudges against the guys for letting
me go, because they were doing the same amount of drugs they fired me over.  It
wasn’t a very wise decision on their part, especially after we had been nominated
for 9 Grammy Awards, and won 6, which was more Grammy Awards than any group or
single artist had ever won in one Grammy Show.. This all happened on the “Toto IV”

When I heard you singing on the “Isolation” CD, It  made me feel good for the guys
in the band. I didn’t want them to suffer, nor fall apart as a band. You came in
and pulled them right back together, and God bless you for that my brother. I was
mostly thinking about the fans who would have missed some fantastic music from one
of the best bands to ever grace our planet. I just wanted to let you know that I
thought you did a spectacular job on that CD, and I was very happy for the band,
and totally proud of you for coming from my old band in Louisiana, to re-light the
flame Toto already had burning so brightly.

When I heard that you were ill with cancer, it broke my heart. I hate it when I
hear that news about anyone, but you and Joseph are very special to me, because
we’ve all 3 filled the same position in Toto, and I feel a kindred spirit with the
two of you.

I’m going to close this missive now, and leave it in your capable hands, and I pray
that you continue to get stronger and closer to being back to normal health. Please
let me know if I can help you out with anything, and I look forward to hearing from
you very soon guy. Good luck, and call me if you need some extra vocal parts on
that CD you’re working on. It would be an honor. Stay well my
friend………………….Bobby Kimball


5 thoughts on “Words from Bobby Kimball to Fergie

  1. Hello Fergie, (hello Bobby, hello Klaus) this shook me: There is a possibility of a new CD! Which comes of course with the possibility of you getting better. As I love your voice I would very much be glad to get another piece of soundtrack to my life from you. Thanks for all the excellent music so far! My Prayers are with you. Eckhard from Germany PS.: to Bobby: To me “Isolation” is by far the best Toto album. Well… taste… But I am not the typical Toto fan anyway as my second best Toto album is “Turn Back”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I have emailed Bobby personally. I can’t tell everyone how cool Bobby is. He and I have traveded parrell paths for years and we do share a bond that’s hard to explain but it’s real and alive.
    Thanks my friend for the kind words and let me know when you have my email.

  3. It fills me with much needed faith in humankind when I read these sort of heartfelt words from Bobby……very best wishes to you Fergie for continued strength in your personal challenge mate (everyone has some battle to fight it seems…some are plain to see, others may not be). Music fans the world over are praying for you & your family.
    Bryan (downunder)

  4. When I wrote that note to Fergie, I had been told that his health was getting much worse. I only wanted to cheer him up, and let him know he had many friends out here in the music world. If “Isolation” was your favorite CD, that’s just fine with me. I thought it was a great CD as well. Fergie and I have been friends for many years, and I felt the need to send some positive words to my friend.
    I know a lot of people on The Toto Network thought I was just trying to boost myself by writing to him, but they couldn’t be further from the real truth of the point of my letter. it was only for Fergie, and meant to make him feel better in his time of need of some friendly comments to help him get back on his feet. Here is the e-mail he sent back to me, after he read my letter.
    April 26, 2011

    Bobby thanks for your candid letter. I too feel a strong unspoken bonding.
    I have always had the greatest amount of respect for you. I remember the first time I heard your voice it blew me away and still does to this day. I consider it a blessing to know you.
    I know it’s gotta be hard to talk about some things but your letter explained more to me than you know.
    I see things in a new light.
    I don’t know what the future holds but there is some light at the end of the tunnel, maybe. If I live another 20 years or not, the one thing I’ve had is a great life. I have some of the most talented and caring friends anyone could imagine. Thank you mate cause your one of them.
    Let’s keep in touch. Ya never know what may happen.

    Honestly, I see no reason to think I was trying to boost myself in that note to Fergie. My only purpose in writing to him, was to make him feel better,…and after we spoke on the phone, he told me it did actually lift his spirits. I’m happy he’s much better now, and we communicate often now. I would like to see him record a new CD, because that would really lift his spirits. If you have any kind words to say to Fergie, I hope you send them to him: fergief@aol.com
    Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you write him too. he needs it…………………………Bobby

  5. I have been a fan of Toto and many of it’s related solo material for several years now and I would just like to say that I have a great respect for all of the current and former members of Toto. Fergie, one of my favorite Toto albums is Isolation. It spawned my interest in your career including that little known self titled album “David London”. Trillion, Le Roux, Angel, Radioactive, Mecca, Northern Light, Frederiksen/Denander, AOR, etc. all excellent bands and your work on them is very definitive of your career. I’m happy to hear that you are getting well and writing new material.

    I also own solo material from Luke, Joseph, David Hungate and many other albums that feature members of the band, believe me I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my collection of CDs and listen to it very often. I don’t believe in illegal downloading of music because I want my favorite artists to continue to produce the music I enjoy and if nobody actually pays for it, then the artists cannot afford to produce it.

    Fergie, I hope your work with Tommy Denander and Frederic Slama is not over because In my humble opinion, those albums with AOR and Tommy D. are the best of your work, and I always recommend them to people who are interested in this genre of music. I also wish that someday there will be a Toto reunion which includes all of the original vocalists and a new album.

    Bobby, I met you in Washington State after one of your solo shows at Swinomish Casino in Anacortes. You were very kind when I asked you about your old bandmates and you signed a few of my old Toto tapes I had brought with me. Then I was very surprised to see you rejoin Toto for the Mindfields album a few months later. I will always remember that night. I have since seen you perform with Toto in concert twice and am very glad I got to. I hope you continue on with your career as I will be looking out for new material from you also.

    Best regards to both Fergie and Bobby from Brian S. in the States.

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