Friends for Fergie Frederiksen benefit concert

Tonight is the big benefit event for Fergie, and I just want to reflect a little bit on this event.

It’s only 28 days ago that Fergie’s true friend, Mike Woodley decided to do this event for his friend. I am overwhelmed by the affection and love from Mike, his wife Wendy, family and friends towards Fergie. It just truly shows what kind of man Fergie is, but also what his friends are made of. This night is to be a celebration of Fergie, and even though there is a dark bakground to it all, I am very sure Fergie will appreciate this night with friends to his fullest capacity.

My heart bleeds for the fact that I can’t be there myself tonight, but I will be thinking of you all, of course my friend Fergie the most, I have loved every minute of supporting you over all these years, my wish and hope is that you get to have as long time with us as possible.

Peace & love

Klaus, Fergie’s friend and webmaster


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