Barry Goudreau

Now also Barry Goudreau of Boston will be supporting Fergie on his benefit show July 18.

This is now a true proof of how much Fergie have affected people, and we now have Barry, John Cafferty, Fran Cosmo, Jim Peterik, Jimi Jamison, Alex Ligertwood and Mike Reno, together with Fergie himself.

For such a tough time, it’s good to see more friends of Fergie joining in on this.




2 thoughts on “Barry Goudreau

  1. Hi – We’re a localy stationed radio in south of Sweden called Radio Prime – We send out to approximately 50.000 thousend household – I would like to have a telephone interview with Fergie if possible. If this is of an interest, please let me now.
    Since earlier a member of TOTO and a great singer we would realy appreciate an interview with Fergie to hear whats in hes future and whats hapening now. This maight be in hes interest as well – PLEASE let me know.


    Magnus / Radfio Prime / Sweden

  2. keep the faith fergie and HOPE, There are holistic things through young living essential oils, that may help, My mom is an ovarian and breast cancer survivor this helped her alot…..If you would like more information how to treat cancer tumors anlong with your regular dr.s treatmeants…just let me know…And ill email you the info ASAP…………. ( I have a prayer circle going on right now for you..) NEVER GIVE UP for you are truley a blessing to all Pam

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