Fergie Frederiksen Benefit show July 18

More and greater names have been added to Fergie’s benefit show, take a look at the poster..


2 thoughts on “Fergie Frederiksen Benefit show July 18

  1. Hi Denny, It’s Barry Brown from Grand Rapids . Russ Browns brother. I still remember being on the gymnastic team with you at Rogers High ,as well as the camping we did together.I give you my strongest and deepest prayers after hearing the negative news.I was at your fathers funeral.as well as ken Browns parents funerals.I ask myself if there is a connection to Woodward St.S.W. I hope not.
    I still remember being with your parents at my uncles television store watching you as David London on Merv Griffin show. You have had an interesting career. I currently own a diner I moved from New Jersey 1993.
    Your old neighbor Jim Scheifer has been a regular customer. Jim just went through a big battle with cancer this year. I also was with Brent Clark this evening. I took him to kareoke. I sing Journey selections and think about you every time I do it. I wish you well my friend. If you get a moment I would love to hear from you. Barry

  2. Dennis,
    You are in my prayers.
    I hope your benefit concert gets posted on UTube. I would love to see it.

    Enjoy what you have, you have always had exceptional talents

    Terry Bronkema

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