Fergie Frederiksen got inoperable cancer

I am sorry to inform you that Fergie Frederiksen got inoperable, lifethreatning cancer.

Fergie got many close friends, and they are putting together a benefit show, here is more info:

“Friends Forever for Fergie Frederiksen” benefit concert being held
Sunday July 18th at Bayview Event Center on Lake Minnetonka, MN.
Recently, Fergie, a father of two and friend of many, was diagnosed with
inoperable life threatening cancer. Fergie, the former lead singer of
the group Toto will be joined by his dear friends, Alex Li…gertwood,
former lead singer of SANTANA and Jimi Jamison, former lead voice of
SURVIVOR with the band Headliner for a concert with ALL PROCEEDS going
to the Fergie Frederiksen Family Fund.

Sunday July 18th, 2010
Event Center
Doors open at 6 pm for cocktails, silent auction and
Concert begins at 7 pm with Frederiksen, Ligertwood and
Jamison with the group Headliner playing all of the 80’s classics.

Tables of 10 are available for $250 (8)-VIP $350 (4) contact Mike at
612-386-0082 with first come-first served-best available

Admission tickets are available for $20 and are available on E BAY
follow this link.


You will also find more info on this on facebook.

Hope those that can will join this show, and show your support to Fergie.



16 thoughts on “Fergie Frederiksen got inoperable cancer

  1. Pfff we are so sorry. i’m feel so sad. We love you in france. I wish you get better. Love and support from me and my family

  2. No one deserves to get cancer. It is hell on earth. I am glad you are right with God, and your reward is waiting for you. See you on the other side!

  3. There was a Folk Singer in the 60’s named Phil Ochs who penned-There’s no place in this world where I belong when I’m gone and I won’t know the right from the wrong when I’m gone and you won’t find me singing on this song when I’m gone so I’ll guess I’ll have to do it while I’m here. Keep on singing as long as you can.

  4. Den…..
    it’s your childhood pesty neighbor. you will always be full of life to me! Just keep hoping for a miracle. some day all of our parents will be seeing all of us and we will be ice skating on the best homemade ice skating rink in the world.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Den…
    It’s your childhood pesky neighbor. You will always be full of life to me! Just keep hoping for a miracle. Some day all of our parents will see us again and our dads will make us the best homemade iceskating rink in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Den–
    This is the sister to your childhood neighbor on good “ol” Woodward Ave. I remember you mom telling the story OVER and OVER again about the time you said “Chris is all right” but that Carol is gonna make someone a heck of a wife!” Well, at least you just had to live next door to me and not marry me!! Ha, ha! Seriously Den, I’ll be thinking of you and also the memories of a great “growing up next door” childhood. Our dads had the best lawns on the block and we had the best BIG combined back yard in the neighborhood. Chris and I would watch you boys play basketball in the driveways and we all had fun with our dads pitching the baseball and playing “knock em up and lay em down” to see who could roll the ball after it’s caught closest to the laid down baseball bat. Remember flying kites and sending parachute guys up the line? Your dad taught me to water ski on Gun Lake. I drank half the lake, but your dad wouldn’t let me give up until I made it up, which I did, and FINALLY made it around the lake one time. Well, Den, just know people care about you and we will be thinking of you in these tough days ahead.
    PS How many of your music friends know you were a really good gymnast in highschool?

  7. Fun times on Woodward Ave. Baseball games with our dads in our combined best Hugh yard in the neighborhood, kite flying with homemade parachute guys sent up the string, basketball games in the driveway and the Carnival at Clyde Park–simpler times–great memories. Hoping you peace and comfort.

  8. What great memories Patty and I have of our times with you Ferg. Bounceland, Dorchester, and I still remember roading for you with Flying Home. First gig, Rockford High School Dance. You were a shy little singer standing there with your hands in your pockets……….LOL.
    Patty and I send our love and prayers to you my friend.

  9. This was some very sad news. I’ve been a big fan of Fergie ever since i bought the Toto “Isolation” album when i was about six years old. I must’ve been listening to that album, the LeRoux “So Fired Up” album and the live-versions with Fergie on vocals from “AOR Live” a million times and i’ve always loved all those songs. Music can really cheer you up when you’re feeling down or bored or both perhaps and Fergie’s music have always helped me to feel really good. I’ve seen Fergie’s speech from the Benefit-concert and i wish i could’ve been there.

    I wish you all the best / Marcus (Sweden)

  10. Hey Denny, just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and miss you. Just like Terry Moore said, we really had alot of fun in those days of old. Can’t believe that you were ever shy. I remember a very handsome Guy with lots of confidence and so talented. Thanks for entertaining us at all the cool places you would play at. Love you…….

  11. Hi there! I just wanted to say. How much your music has meant to me over the years. I myself have just decided to accept the man upstairs into my life. It has filled the empty void within me. You said at your concert ‘ if i can help someone of the fence’. This shows what a beautiful person you are. In my thoughts — Paul.

  12. Hi Fergie
    Just wanted to say how shocked I wasto hear of your illness.I remember the fun times Elaine and I had going to see you with Flyin Home and the Common People. Remember the Shamrock bar and The Stardust Lounge, and Thunder Chicken. Great times!!! Remember that pink suit that someone made for you.
    Best of luck Fergie and just keep on rockin.

    John and Elaine.

  13. Dearest Fergie,

    Pati Sarber told me about the illness that is attacking your body. It is so hard to believe that our body would surcome to such a thing as cancer but you can not let it attack your spirit.

    Trust God and pray often, change your body chemistry ~ check with your local C.H.I.P. program in your area at:
    http://www.sdachip.org/locations/index.html?location=24, and live life to the fullest!

    I have not seen you sing since you were on the road in the 70’s but I still remember your beautiful voice ~ when you sang “Stairway to Heaven”, it actually gave me goosebumps!

    God’s Riches Blessings,
    Joan Beeman

  14. Fergie,
    You were my favorite singer when I was a kid. I used to tell everyone who said Steve Perry and Robert Plant were the best that they had to hear you. There was something that came out of your voice that was different. More light, more hope more positive energy.

    Thanks for giving me, and us all, your energy. As a consequence of finding you first singing for Toto I’ve been writing songs since I first heard Isolation at 10 years old. You definitely imbued me with your positivity and I always go back to listen to your stuff. It just makes me smile in these days when smiling doesn’t come often or easy. My stepmom was diagnosed with cancer last year too.

    We “can’t go livin’ without you” so make sure to recover well. My prayers and thoughts are with you.


  15. Hi Fergie how are you doing just wanted to say hi and hope you are doing okay. all my best. from back here in Michigan.


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