More videos

Just added links to more videos and other recordings with Fergie in our Videos section, check them out!



1 thought on “More videos

  1. Hi Fergie! I am saddened in learning of your inoperable cancer diagnosis! I will be praying for you, hang in there, my friend! I was your bassist, in 1969, in the band: “The Fluid Ounce,” with Jim McCormick on guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals, Tom Schoenborn, on guitar and vocals, and Jim Williams, drums and vocals–remember me? We played a long standing gig at the Lounge, on Division AV, in Grand Rapids, MI. I still have reel to reel tape recordings of that gig! I also have photos of you, kissing my newly purchased Fender amplifier, and rehearsing downstairs in my basement, practicing the band: “Chicago” covers, with Dave Wells, on trombone. I have only recently learned of all your lengthy band history and continued musical success, through research on the Internet, after I lost touch with you, so many years ago! I’d love to email you the pictures I mentioned, so it could jog your memory. Do you remember when the Fluid Ounce recorded a Leonard Refineries (audio bed for TV gas station advertisement) at Midwest Recording Studios, on Leonard Street, and you and I sang unison lead vocals, because the producer didn’t like McCormick’s voice? I still have that audio tape, too! Please email me at: lauff2 AT gmail DOT COM, or call: 616_885_7949 cell, anytime. God bless you, Gary Lauff.

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