Still alive…

I know it’s been quiet here lately, but we’re still alive!

Just nothing too excited going on now, but keep coming back here and to the myspace site.




5 thoughts on “Still alive…

  1. Fergie,
    as i saw you,live and have your album and been following very close with the re-creation of TRILLION in Chicago is there a chance you might be interested in the very powerful band of its time from 1979!? you guys were great. and by the sounds of it……….. remaining members are on the mark!

  2. Mr. Frederiksen,

    You may remember me, I´am the front desk supervisor at the Moon Palace Hotel.

    Keep on rocking for all of us fans of your music!!!

    I have to say thanks for the autographs you gave me that time.

  3. Hello, wants to invite Mr. Fergie Frederiksen to participate in the World’s Best Song Contest., The Global Home for Music, is a new concept in music and social networking.
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    the house in the annual WORLDSINGS showdown, those artists will compete
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    slated for August 2009 in Las Vegas!!

    See you on
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