End of Toto…

Well, most of you probably already heard the sad news that Toto has ended as a band. Steve Lukather decided he was tired of doing Toto, and wanted to do something else. We can of course understand that, but I’m very sure lots of fans around the world will miss Toto, their amazing live shows, and of course their incredible musicianship.

As Fergie was a member of Toto in the past, he had already accepted to take part in Toto’s planned 30 year anniversary tour, but as you all understand, that won’t happen now. That’s really sad too of course, but Steve Lukather has already mentioned several times to me (Klaus) that he would love to do something with Fergie again in the future.

You can read more at www.stevelukather.net, www.totonetwork.com and www.melodicrock.com

Well, then we just have to live on the memories, and great albums and live recordings from Toto, and support them as best we can thru their separate solo works, that I’m really sure will be plenty of in the future. Luke has an great album out now, supporting it with a live tour, and Bobby Kimball is working on a solo album too at the moment.

All the best