Fergie on MySpace

Fergie will be using the MySpace site himself too, so go to it if you want to ask him anything or stay in touch.





MySpace site online again!

We would like to thank the Music Department of MySpace for the support, and bringing back online Fergie Frederiksen’s Myspace site:


We’ve also been told that the site is now verified, and therefore we should not face this problem again!

Thank you also to friends and fans who helped, mailed us, and mailed MySpace! You are the best!

By the way, if anyone out there reads this, and would like to help us out a bit on making a cool layout to the MySpace site, feel free to contact us.


Klaus, Webmaster

MySpace down again…


We have no explanation for you why MySpace have taken down Fergie Frederiksen’s MySpace site, again. This is now the third time they are doing it, and we just have no clue to why they keep terrorising us like this!!!

As usual we have sent them an e-mail asking why this is going on, and we’re hoping they will treat us with some more respect this time, as it was a nightmare to deal with them the last time.

Will keep you posted on the situation!

Klaus, Webmaster