Merry Christmas!

We wish all our readers and music fans a merry christmas!

May it be filled with  great and happy moments with your family and friends.

Best wishes

Fergie & Klaus


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I am Merrill and I used to be your Uncle on tour with Trillion. I heard about all the great things you have done in the passed 28 years, and you make a friend proud, very proud. I would like to get together with you one day just to talk about the times, now and then. Please reply to…. Man, life has been good to you, keep it up, if you know what I mean. Hope to hear from you soon. HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR YOUR FRIEND

  2. Hi Fergie, Merry Christmas and all of the best for you and your family in 2008. Hope to see you on the Toto 30th Anniversary tour!

  3. DEAR FERG……HAPPY NEW YEAR BEEN A LONG TIME-HOPE YOUR HEALTH IS GOOD…I Was sad that i didnt get to see you sing here in my little town of Camarillo Ca…guess Scott didnt tell you i lived here,im gonna kick his ass,,,ha husband Robert and son blake would of loved to have seen you too,,,,mabe well get another chance with TOTO…DO YOU REMEMBER ME ,YOUR FIRST WIFE???????????/.HOPE YOUR AND YOUR BOYS ARE GOOD,WERE DOING GREAT….GOOD LUCK WITH THE NEW TOUR…….. ALWAYS..MARY PATE BUSICK……PS MY HUSBAND IS A GOLF FREAK ,AND A SPORTS FAN AS WELL….MEN MEN WHAT TO DO….TAKE CARE………….

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