Toto gift – from GGM STUDIOS

Are you a TOTO Fan? Want to be part of a memorable surprise organized to celebrate the greatest  band  of all time? All you have to do is opening your heart and write down what you feel about  TOTO.

All the sentences will be put together for a gift from Fans to the Band… a gift that will remain in  history!!

How to participate:        

-Write down your feelings for TOTO. No words limits, from a single sentence to an entire poem and  send it to the following e-mail address

-Only English text accepted.

-The sentences will be edited and put together for a very special gift for TOTO.

-All the mails will have to arrive within December 1st

-Remember to authorize your text by putting the following sentence at the bottom of the mail “ I  authorize total or partial    reproduction and use of this mail content for free“. Attention: all  the emails coming without the authorization will be trashed.

-This unique idea is promoted by GGM STUDIOS – Official TOTO Italian website, and extended to the  fans from all over the world.

-An official website entirely dedicated to the project will be soon online.

-To make sure the surprise will remain a secret until its revelation, we’ll post updates and news  with the passing of time.


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