Angel don’t cry

Just added a link to a new Youtube clip. it’s from Fergie’s rehearsal with Toto in the US, May 2007. He joined them on stage for some songs. Check it out at the Video page.


4 thoughts on “Angel don’t cry

  1. Fergie, I am going to see Toto on Saturday at Moondance Jam in Walker, MN. Even if you’re not scheduled, you should just jump on stage when they play the keyboard intro to Isolation – I’m sure the audience would just go wild. I wish you the best of luck in your musical ambitions!

    Matt Becker

  2. Hello Fergie

    My name is marcelo, i’m from brazil, i’m 24 years old
    i don”t speak english very well but you are the man
    baptysm by fire is one of the best albums i’ve hear in years
    your voice is sptecular
    angel don’t cry is a great song one of my favorites from toto

    you are the man!!

  3. Hi Fergie !

    Denmark is calling !
    We are 5 guys in the 40`ties who remembered your fantastic lead vocal on the Toto-album “Isolation” from 1984… Oh my god !- we were only about 18 years old – what a great time those days..!
    Now ..! I saw that you had made a special-concert with Toto in May.
    That was stunning greet news. Wish me and the guys could have been there…!
    We have seen Toto everytime they have been in Copenhagen – and hopefully you will join the band on their 30`anniversay tour next year ?

    Your spectacular lead vocal on the album – “Isolation” was really something to remember and – still is a joy to hear again and again.

    Tracks as “Angel Don`t Cry” – “Lion” – “Endless” – and off corse my own favourite “Change Of Heart” (What an intro…WOW !) has been burned into me and the 4 other guy`s souls forever. You did a fantastic job – really !
    Thanks a lot for your great reunion in Toto..?
    Hopefully we`ll see you next year in Copenhagen to Toto`s 30`anniversary tour…!

    Have a great day !

    Sincerely Soren and his 4 friends from Denmark.

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