Even more reviews

There are so many fantastic reviews to be found, and popping in on Baptism By Fire, so I’ve added many more now, you’ll find the links at the Baptism By Fire page.


Great reviews for Baptism By Fire

So far all available reviews for Baptism By Fire have been outstanding! Go to the Baptism By Fire page where we will add all the reviews we are aware of. If you’ve written one, or know of some that we haven’t posted, then let us know. Leave a comment or e-mail us at post(at)fergiefrederiksen(dot)com.


Can also mention that we’ve added some old LeRoux videos, and provided som Youtube links, check it out at the Videos page.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the official website of Fergie Frederiksen.

This site will be temporary, untill we are able to sort out all the technical issues we have had on www.fergiefrederiksen.com. Due to heavy traffic on our website, we started to attract hackers that were able to get into the security system of our old website. We are hoping to avoid this in the future.  One might wonder what goes thru the brain of people with such destructive actions.

If that wasn’t enough… Lately we had the website linked to Myspace, while we were seeking a solution to our security issues. Funny enough the people at Myspace were kind enough to close down our myspace site 3 times in a row. They never gave us any explanation, and they were really not very helpful in getting it back up again. They even claimed that the site had never been there. We had around 50.000 visitors to the site in 2 months time, so that was really a stupid comment from their side. As you can understand, I’m not really a big supporter of Myspace at the moment, but hopefully we will be able to put online a new myspace site at a later stage.

We will try to upgrade this site, and make it into a more Fergie Frederiksen style, edgy and cool! Be patient with us while we work on this, as we are quite new on WordPress.

When that’s said, please check out Fergie Frederiksen’s new album, released June 8 on Frontiers Records. Frederiksen-Denander: Baptism¬†by fire. As you understand this is an album between Fergie and Tommy Denander. So far the reviews that have made it to the surface have been brilliant. You can order the album online or in shops.

More to come!


Klaus Jakobsen, Webmaster